AnchorGuardian: The Award-Winning Tech Elevating Maritime Safety Standards

Anchoring has been a crucial part of the maritime industry for a long time, managed proficiently by experienced captains who depend on their extensive knowledge and intuition. But, the ocean can be unpredictable – anchor dragging happens, even to the most seasoned captains. 

AnchorGuardian recognises this, and doesn’t aim to replace the captain’s judgement, but rather provide them with real-time data and alerts to enhance their decision-making during critical anchoring operations.

DAME-Award Recognition and Ocean Exchange Winner

AnchorGuardian’s innovative technology has received numerous prestigious awards and recognitions, including a DAME Design Award Nomination and Special Mention, The Ports Award Winner at Ocean Exchange, Innovation World Cup Winner, and Finalist at The Ocean Awards, among others. These awards highlight its significant contribution to enhancing anchoring safety for sailor, ship, and sea. So, what makes AnchorGuardian different?

Data-Driven Anchoring

AnchorGuardian minimises the risk of anchor drag by providing predictions and triggering immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy, independent of any movement of the ship. This includes: 

Laying the anchor: Provides updates on the depth, scope, and orientation of the anchor the moment it hits the water.

At anchor: Provides predictions on anchor hold, force on anchor, and anchor chain angle. Should movement take place, immediate alarms will sound providing anchor displacement and anchor velocity data.

Lifting the anchor: Provides information on the anchor location – from when the anchor leaves the sediment, to when the boat is free to manoeuvre, and finally, when the anchor is safely stowed.

The Future of Anchoring is Collaborative

AnchorGuardian marks a major advancement in anchoring technology. This collaborative tool enhances the captain’s expertise with real-time data and intelligent analysis, promoting safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly anchoring practices. 

For more information check out the AnchorGuardian website.