Christophe Harbour Party Theme Announcement, St. Kitts 2016

How to Attend a Heroes vs Villains Party in Style

Who would win a dance-off between Darth Vader and Pocahontas?

ACREW and Christophe Harbour have announced the party theme for their Caribbean CrewFest Crew Party as ‘Heroes versus Villains’. The most interesting word in there is ‘versus’ and the ‘versus’ will be settled on the dance floor. ivermectine wormer for horses

Imagine who would win in a late night dance off between Batman and Cruella de Vil. ivermectin alberta Or Tarzan versus Princess Leia? Mad Max versus his Fairy Godmother? Jane Eyre versus Spartacus? What would be the outcome of Captain Hook meeting Super Girl during a bass driven Latin house number at the end of the night? can itake 2nd ivermectin if skin is getting worse

The possibilities are endless and, excitingly, will be decided entirely by the inspirations of the lucky captains and crew that will be attending. What I will say, and the girls will back me up here, is that the way you make or break an outfit is all down to the accessories.

So the way to win a late night dance-off dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West……?

Caribbean CrewFest by Zoom, Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts, 15th and 16th January 2016