Porto Montenegro and ACREW are delighted to present the third annual Superyacht Winter Games in Tivat. From Porto Montenegro marina members to all other captains and crews, this wonderful event is open to all members of the Superyacht industry. This year’s programme is organised to ensure safe social distancing at all times, with each team participating going through the various challenges separately and with a maximum of 4 people per team.

This year’s adventure follows the legend of Ivo Nikolić; the only prisoner to have successfully escaped a late 18th-century prison camp in Gornja Lastva by finding a way to safely sail out from Boka Bay, leaving behind not only his epic tale but a number of handwritten letters. Participants will embark on a mission to solve a series of mental and strategic challenges, starting in Gornja Lastva and ending in Porto Montenegro, using Nikolić’s letters as a guide. A fantastic Montenegrin lunch will be provided for participants and upon completion of the mission, participants will attend an awards ceremony (subject to Covid regulations) in the afternoon.

The 2021 Porto Montenegro ACREW Superyacht Winter Games in Tivat will take place on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March 2021. Following the relevant social distancing guidelines, this year’s event will take be held on both Saturday and Sunday to ensure maximum capacity is catered for.



Porto Montenegro & ACREW Superyacht Winter Games 2020













Please RSVP via email to info@acrew.com if you would like to attend this event.