Facilitator Focus: Peter Vogel, Interior Yacht Services

The Spirit of Service

Why is this workshop of importance to crew?

Delivering a workshop is such a wonderful opportunity to create ‘lightbulb’ moments for crew. For them to genuinely find something that will be of real use for them, not just for now, but for their entire career, is really worthwhile. The ‘Spirit of Service’ workshop is important because it demonstrates the relationship between thorough planning and how this leads to flawless execution. By looking at both elements in that order, crew can see that by using the planning tools provided, service can be taken to the next level. They can remain cool, calm and relaxed in the knowledge that all of the details are taken care of.

Why do you believe professional development is important in the superyacht industry?

When I first started working with superyachts you had to go outside of the ‘industry bubble’ to find the greatest inspiration and learning opportunities. These days, especially with companies like ACREW, professional development is brought to your doorstep. I believe that as an industry we should be striving to be the very best of the best. The guests and owners that we ultimately serve deserve this and are used to this in all aspects of their lives. The superyacht industry should be able to proudly compare itself to other industries in this respect, but in order to do so crew have to be inspired, have to work hard and have to value and actively pursue their own professional development.

What gets you excited about Caribbean CrewFest?

I’m looking forward to connecting with the crew over a number of days. Often after workshops I get into the most amazing conversations with crew but we are all very busy at shows. It will be great to be able to relax and enjoy everybodies’ company in a much more relaxed and fun way. Also the destination is a really exciting development in itself. To see somebody so carefully, conscientiously and passionately develop an area of land such as Christophe Harbour, in order to create a luxury resort with a superyacht marina, is really exciting for our industry.