Brennan Dates

Rotational Head Chef
Yachting has been my gypsy home and supportive community for the better part of two decades. I started my career as a charter chef on a 30m Broward and I’ve worked my way through the industry to vessels over 110m. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on some of the most well-regarded programs in the industry. From Arab and Monegasque royalty to Hollywood superstars businesses and internet moguls. I’ve never wanted to do anything else other than, cook on a charter yacht and ride around the world eating local food off of my motorcycle and clocking some miles..

For the past 16 years while on rotation or between yachts, I’ve ridden my motorcycle over 90,000 miles around the world. My motorcycle is like a strange adventure portal I know I can always go back to wherever in the world I’ve left it. I can pick up where I left off and discover whatever I can find that’s interesting in whatever country I’m in. The overall goal is to try to see and learn as much as I can about food from the source and how it’s woven into the fabric of the local culture. Riding into locations where famous dishes came from and the story behind them provides me with a lot of inspiration, information, and stories to convey to charter guests once I’m back on a yacht. It’s fascinating to find out how much food ties countries and the world together in such intricate and unique ways you wouldn’t know without being in the thick of it. The first 37,000 miles of riding back in 2006 was to raise money for Parkinson’s Disease research. Over a year I successfully rode from Miami to the tip of South America and then all the way back to Miami. I raised $45,000 for the National Parkinson Foundation in Miami.

Currently I’m a rotational head chef on a 60m charter yacht. I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I take every opportunity I can to help build up the chef community.  As a group of like minded food and service motivated individuals we are much stronger if we can stand together and support each other while at the same time picking each other up and mentoring through some of the hurdles in this industry.