David Walwyn

David Walwyn: Certified fitness and nutrition expert, Fitness consultant and health advocate is the Managing Director of the FIT Wellness Center, a fitness center which also specializes in fitness equipment sales, rental, gym set-up, and maintenance.    

David Walwyn and business partner Theresa Andrews started developing the FIT Games Park in Nevis November 2014. Through hard work, the site was completed in July 2016. The FIT Games Park was developed with the primary purpose to provide the local population with the opportunity to improve their health and fitness levels in a fun way in order to combat the ever-increasing rise of NCD’s non-communicable disease) such as diabetes, hypertension and various forms of cancer that is plaguing the Island. The games were also designed to promote a deeper sense of community cooperation and connectedness through its team building concepts deep.  

The park is equipped with 20 challenges obstacles and a running track with three (3) man-made hills. Teams of four (4) with a least one female compete against other teams to overcome these obstacles. Individual and partner competitions are also conducted. Since the course construction, the site has been used by schools, hotels, local businesses requiring a team building event for their employees and international fitness enthusiast requiring a fitness challenge with a difference.