Josephine Ive

Director/Principle Trainer
[email protected]

It is no wonder that Magnums Academy is best-in-class since it is run by renowned former
professional butler, Josephine Ive. Josephine was one of the UK’s first female butlers and has
had the privilege and prestige of serving several prominent figures. These include Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the late Queen Mother, and many British High Court Judges.

An Australian resident since 1986, Josephine is also a highly sought after hospitality guru,
qualified chef, and celebrated author. Her books, Magnums Academy 7 Star Service for
Butlers Handbook and Achieving Excellence in Guest Service, provide a wealth of
information about butler and guest service. This includes the fundamentals, exercises, and
incredible anecdotes.

Josephine guides butler and yacht crew students, around the world, with an innovative approach to teaching that fuses traditional butler training with modern methods including new philosophies and coaching on creating the ultimate luxury service experiences. With a client list that brings a vast wealth of industry knowledge, Josephine provides the most comprehensive luxury hospitality service training available.