Josipa Lozo

Chief Stewardess

Proactive and active people pleaser who comes from the most beautiful town in the world,

Starting in the industry as a yacht agent 10 years ago, where I learned all the basics of yacht operations from the administrative side as shore support, it piques my interest. How does it all operate on the yacht itself? Embarked on the journey and never looked back. Worked my way through departments and I am currently holding the position of Chief stewardess on a 46-meter private/charter yacht.

In 2019. I won the Best Chief Stew award – that was one of the best things that happened to me during my career. I was honoured to be chosen amongst so many amazing Chief stews and to this day, I strive to teach, lead by example and show to the younger stewardess that hard work and humility bring such great personal and work achievements. When not on boats, hiking and swimming are what I enjoy doing. Singing was and is a huge part of my life. I did dedicate some years of my life to academic evolution so I can say I proudly say I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Relations. My Master’s thesis was about multiculturalism in the yachting industry which is a topic I love discussing.

I am so proud to be invited to be a judge of this years Crew Awards. It is a representation and celebration of every single crew member, regardless of the rank and that is the key element of every successful yacht. To understand how important every position is in its own way. I am looking forward to see who are this years nominees.