Kate Emery

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Kate Emery is the founder of Amandine International Chef Placement – an agency specialising in the recruitment of chefs in homes, villlas and yachts all around the world.

Previously, Kate was a board director of one of London’s leading advertising agencies, and the founder and Managing Director of a successful start-up. These 2 roles led her to be named as one of the Young Business Leaders of the Year by Who’s Who.

Having spent 15 years building her career in London Kate decided it was time to follow her heart and move to the South of France to start her own business. Her love of good food combined with her business flair resulted in the launch of Amandine – born from a genuine desire to spread the love of good food by providing the best possible chef for anyone wanting to eat well wherever they are and whatever their requirements may be.

The key philosophy behind Amandine is that “Great Food Matters” because one of the greatest joys in life is sitting down and enjoying good food with family and friends. That’s why Amandine’s aim is to raise the standards within the industry to ensure that the best chefs are perfectly matched with the most suitable clients and vice versa.

A good cook has the power to make people truly happy with their food, and that’s what an Amandine chef is there to do – to spread a little bit of food happiness by making each and every meal an experience to remember.