Katharina Stär

Sales Manager
[email protected]

Katharina grew up in a small village on a farm close to the Mecklenburger Lake Plateau in Germany. Since she was a little girl, she learned to protect her surroundings and environment. After finishing school, she moved to Berlin to study and work for the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning.

In 2007 she decided to move to Mallorca to begin a new chapter in her life. Since then she is in love with her dog Balu, the Mediterranean and its beautiful colours.

Over the years working in tourism and the yachting industry in Mallorca, she realised the need to create more awareness to protect the environment, our health and future generations.

In May 2020 she found her purpose and started her mission with passion and vision: HAY! Straws powered by StrawZ – Natural straws made of wheat and reed.

Join the Straw-volution!

Because (Bio-) Plastic straws are for suckers. Since then she is the Representative for Spain and Germany.

Katharina is always to have for quality time with family and friends, a tough work out and of course for delicious food.