First aid refresher

On Thursday 12th and Friday 13th March 2015, Nicholas Stael von Holstein and Amanda Hewson from Medical Support Offshore (MSOS) gave a first aid refresher hands on workshop for all crew. During the workshop, MSOS gave extremely useful information regarding Fracture Management. The various pieces of equipment’s in medical kits were used to practice on how to effectively use the equipment to deal with fractures. Besides, the focus of the workshop was on utilizing Stretchers and Splinting devices that can be used to isolate an injury. The main aim of the workshop was to inform and teach crew on how to effectively use the equipment provided in medical kits.

Medical Support Offshore has thirty years of experience in offering medical support offshore and has supported iconic yacht races such as the Volvo Ocean Race and more. Therefore, MSOS obtained exceptional experience in delivering medical support in challenging circumstances. The services offered by MSOS are medical kits, 24/7 telemedical support and specialist medical training.

For more information please contact, mail or phone +34 666 289 298