Leading the Charge And Shaping the Trends With Wild Group

Over the last twenty years Wild Group have been the vinyl wrap pioneers in the yachting industry, leading the charge and shaping the trends.

Vinyl films are extremely versatile and offer an extensive variety of coloured and textured effects as well as the option of a custom design.  This allows an owner to express his or her personality on his yacht whilst still protecting the substrate underneath.  One thing in particular has impressed Captains and Owners alike, and that is the reversibility and the creative freedom the material offers… but what are the factors that have made vinyl films so popular?

Choosing the right finish for your yacht is paramount when you decide to renew it.   The best finish possible is obviously what you are looking for but what about the time it takes for the project to be completed.  What with the haul out, preparation of the area, possible tents and drying time and of course the costs of the actual finish to be taken into consideration, many people are now looking to alternatives to the traditional paint or gelcoat finishes.

Vinyl finishes do not go cloudy and are very easy to clean and repair if necessary. Your yacht will also be protected well against the elements including damaging UV rays. The cost of vinyl finishing is also extremely economical with a saving of typically two thirds of the cost of traditional finishes.

Yachts, especially charter yachts are expected to always be in tip top condition.  With Wild Groups fantastic finishes it is always possible to maintain this criteria and they even have a fantastic clear urethane vinyl surface protection that you can apply to your existing finishes that keep them in great condition without changing the look of the yacht. This finish is removable and does not leave residue or damage to the surface beneath

The over riding benefits and rationales for applying this finish to your yacht remain the same no matter the area you are finishing, interior or exterior, but we would like to have a deeper look more specifically and in-depth as to the benefits for each specific area.

One of the most popular areas that Wild Group are frequently recruited to fit vinyl foils onto with both new builds and in retrofit, are the deckheads of some of the world’s most famous superyachts. An example of a project completed recently, is when the team were contacted to wrap the deckheads on board a 95+m yacht, which were originally finished with paint and showing marks where vacuum suckers had pulled them down.

Greg Hoar, Wild Group Founder, commented on this project,

‘‘The problem with spraying is that if you damage a deckhead and respray it will look different due to direction of spray, a different batch of paint, a different hand on the trigger, a different sprayer, and so on. Wrapping deckheads doesn’t have these problems, that is, if all the deckheads are wrapped and one of them needs a rewrap, then it will look exactly the same as the others. Fitting vinyl film to your deckheads means you will always have a consistent one layer product.’’

Another popular use for vinyl film is in protecting the finish of the yacht from every day soot and grime. The Captain of M/Y Alfa Nero contacted us recently for some emergency touch ups prior to beginning her winter season. We were required to wrap her exhaust areas with our clear, low energy films… so what are the benefits for doing this? Greg continues,

‘‘Exhaust fumes and general wear and tear can take its toll on the hull of the yacht, making it look grubby, which is not the ideal situation for selling a yacht, or marketing it for charter.

With a vinyl foil and film application, not only do you have the option to choose any colour with the ability to reverse this, or change for a neutral, more commercial, colour, but you also protect the hull of the yacht meaning that when it is time for resale, the original paint is as good as new underneath the vinyl.’’