An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. –– Benjamin Franklin

The specialist knowledge that comes from years of experience working in a field is of immeasurable value in any industry.

ACREW has been organising events that deliver professional development workshops for four years and run up to ten events per year, bringing industry knowledge to crew where they can access it. In shipyards, marinas and superyacht crew events.

ACREW is developing an E-Learning platform that brings this vast amount of knowledge from its partners available 24 hours, 365 days per year.

With specialists for every department, Interior, Deck, Captains, Chefs and Engineers, the ACREW network is a hub of knowledge and learning.

Many of the workshops are PYA approved and can be officially recorded as a record of informal learning in the Crew Workbook, and ACREW enjoys strong associations with Warsash Superyacht Academy and MYBA.