Marina Port Vell Barcelona Announces New Bunkering Service for Superyachts

Marina Port Vell Barcelona has introduced a new pipeline fuel supply service, providing marina clients with a flexible and effective service, as The Triton reported in their recent article. The new pipeline fuel supply system minimises environmental pollution while increasing safety. Due to this new system, going to a gas station or loading dock to refuel is no longer necessary. 

To make the new system functional, the marina placed a 510-metre pipeline distribution network capable of loading 400-450 litres of fuel per minute. This system with a capacity of supplying 60-metre superyachts is situated at every mooring point. It can supply these super yachts with a 100,000-litre capacity in only four hours, as opposed to eight hours with a traditional pump. This new method also decreases the danger of environmental hazards and CO2 emissions. 

Marina Port Vell has entered into an arrangement with Termopetroli, a fuel and lubricant supplier for superyachts, to deliver the new bunkering service. Marina Port Vell Barcelona has berths for superyachts up to 190 metres long on its 400-metre pier.

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