A Sulana

Team spirit is one of the things that makes it fun to work and live together on A Sulana. Having a happy, engaged and professional team on board makes all the difference for the guests and their experience on board! We are a diverse team, both on nationalities (Dutch, American, Spanish and South African), as well as personalities and we all have our own special skills on board, while being flexible and team player enough to help out crew mates in the other departments. Between the five of us we speak English (in three versions!), Dutch, Spanish, French, German and some Portuguese and Italian, so we always get the best local tips! Both the yacht and her crew bring lots of charter and sailing experience with them and we believe that the guests’ time on board is a special time – it’s time away from the office to be spent with family and friends and our number one priority is making sure they have a fabulous and memorable time on board. We all maintain a high level of service, run a very safe boat, both when there are guests on board as well as during deliveries, and make sure that the guests are comfortable, and the boat stays safe. Combined with the crew’s love for sailing and the sea, this results in a well sailed yacht and a fantastic ambiance.