Firstly I would like to thank you for this nomination, I am pleasantly surprised.

Let me introduce myself quickly, my name is Alexis, I am from North of France, Arras to
be exact. I just turned 33 a few days ago.
I come from a farming family, I learned a lot from this difficult job by helping them in my
free time during my youth.

I joined the yachting industry in 2012 as a deckhand on a 30m. As soon as I started, I
could see that this is a job that could become my passion, and it did. Being in contact
with the sea, having the opportunity to travel and meet people and experiencing
different cultures, all while working is great and very rewarding.
It also allowed me to improve my English over time (which I hope to continue to

Over the years and during my time off, I have gone back to school to continue to evolve
in this industry that I love.
I am now qualified with an Officer Of the Watch Unlimited and a Master 3000 GT which I
still have to validate with sea time.
I also enjoy sports in general (basketball, rugby, volley, tennis) which helps me a lot to
relieve stress and gives me a healthy lifestyle on board.
I don’t hesitate to share my passion with the crew members, because for me it is an
important thing within a crew.
I practice crossfit and in general I like very much everything that is a watersport: (Kite,
Wake, Surf). I also scuba diving whenever I have the opportunity.

As a current First Officer on a 50m, I try to help my team on deck as much as possible, if
not all the time. I think my presence on deck motivates them and helps create that
teamwork spirit.
I do my best to participate in the common tasks throughout the boat and to help the
interior whenever they need it.
I am also in charge of the course of the safety on board (ISM, ISPS) and I take care of the
navigation (passage planning, chart corrections…)

The atmosphere onboard between crew members is very important to me, and that's
how we manage to have a good season, helping each other out, especially during the charter
with back to back to back as it is at the moment. It keeps morale high and this energy
carries through to the guests ensuring they are also having the best possible time whilst
receiving the best possible service.

I really enjoy interacting with other crew members to find solutions to problems
(whether they’re operational or more personal).
When the team works cohesively, it’s really satisfying when the whole operation is just
And obviously, we see so many wonderful places, and I think it’s important to stop
sometimes, remember where you are from, it helps me a lot to put things into
perspective and how lucky I am to be doing this job, look around and appreciate that

I thank you again for this nomination, and I will be delighted to celebrate this end of the
season in October in Montenegro during this weekend.