Alistair Dickinson

Having been involved and working with boats since an early age, I decided to join the yachting industry in 2008. Working on both busy charter and private yachts. Worldwide and remote cruising has not only gained me some amazing friends and experiences but it has also given me a wealth of knowledge which I take pride in sharing with my fellow crew. Having studied both the MCA Yacht route to Master 3000grt, I have also spent time at maritime college for the unlimited route, I enjoy sharing my skills learnt with the deck department helping them grow and develop into the next generation of Deck Officers and eventually Captains. Team work has always been important to me and I enjoy getting hands on with all departments, helping out when and where required to ensure we all accomplish whatever tasks we are confronted with. I enjoy being busy and continually strive to achieve the best out of every situation, whether that is creating a memorable and enjoyable trip for guests, managing and running an extensive shipyard period or motivating and developing crew.