Alona Zaitseva

I can imagine my life without food but not without yachting!
It’s my passion, my love, my life.
My friends joke that my blood is salty)
I fell in love with the sea and began my seafarer journey with sailing when I was 7 years old.
And it’s just sucked me in:
First, for 10 unforgettable years into a sailing sport where I received the title: “Master of Sport”.
And later my hobby became my lifestyle and my work.
The road traveled to get to where am I today was thorny, but interesting.
Over the years, I advanced to Captain while experiencing many different roles to include crew member, yachting instructor, guide, broker, and event/charter organizer for yachting companies, flotillas, regattas, and team building. And I’m continue to do all this job.
I’m young and energetic solo traveler who dreams to visiting all the most beautiful corners of our planet and not only ours!
I love nature and I can’t live without sunrises and sunsets.
I like all extremal sports/hobbies. I have my sweet motorbike (kawa z750) and I’m very missing him while I’m in the sea… And I love snowboarding as well and if I’ll in winter not on the boat, I’ll never miss the possibility to catch up some fresh snow. I’m learning surfing and kiting as well.
I like to meet new open-minded people who love to live full life, same as I am. I have good sense of humour (sometimes it’s dark like my ex’s past)
I like good parties and good music and I love to dance!
I like to live full life, to meet new peoples, to explore, to travel, to be free!
Yachting gave me possibilities to do what I like. And to ventured to many different regions of the world to include transocean passage and a Norwegian Expedition.
My dreams for my next venture are the passage of Cape Horn, expedition to Antarctica, participation in VOR and Vendée Globe, and to relax round the world trip on my own cruise sailing yacht.
I’m professional licensed skipper (YMO) and yachting instructor. I love to share my knowledge with those people whose eyes are burning with passion. And I can’t imagine my life without sea, oceans, yachts, moto and good music.
I’m working on the yachts (both motor and sailing) on position of Captain/skipper, doing delivery of the yachts worldwide. I can do reparations works as well.
I like to grow up with the size of the yachts which I could handle along and possibility to get some experience on 54m S/Y would be amazing for this period of my life!
I continue my seafarer life-journey as professional captain. And I know for sure that I’ll never exchange the wind in my heir for a “golden cage”.