Angela Kurkioski

My journey began when I quit my job in Melbourne and booked a one way flight to Ibiza. Fortunately I met a man that told me to walk up to ne of the super yachts across the marina and ask for a job. I never knew the yachting industry existed. That first yacht I walked up to was a a 44mt charter yacht and they needed a stewardess for that night. That first shift I discovered an entire new galaxy. I fell in love with the yachting industry ever since. Even through the physically tiring challenging times and even through the guests ordering steak at 3am in the morning I could never be happier.

My second season I worked on a private yacht as a sole stew and learnt to time manage, be ahead of every guest movement and be the energy I always aspire to be.

Now I have scored an incredible position as a junior stewardess on a 63mt super-yacht and am continuing to grow and shine.

The beauty of the industry still surprises me and I am beyond blessed to be where I am.

My life would have never been the same and I can’t express how mesmerising it is to have the ability to work so close to the sea, sun, moon and be connected to every element around whilst doing my job and getting paid to live my best life.