Benjamin Hayes


Positive and capable chef able to adapt to different situations that arise and try accomadate personal prefrences where possible.
i try cook a wide range of cuisines to help keep crew intrested and try give them a taste of home where possible , i may not be a pro at there native dishes but i give it my best shot, this is always much appreciated.
At the age of 19 i went backpacking for 11 months , i worked abroad and exsplored many places in the world, this is where i caught the ‘Travel Bug’ . Having been a chef from the age of 16 and leaving school into full time employment i have developed my skills and progressed in my career.
I have a love for the sea and believe once it is in youre blood it will always have a hold on you. From working in fine dining restaurants, award winning pubs prestigous cruise companys and now on an incerdible super yacht my profesion seems to take me all over the world. I love waking up in another port , another country, another city, its all the excitment of working at sea.
I enjoy Kitesurfing where and when i get chance, road biking for endless miles, i also enjoy others cooking for me , i dont believe you will find a chef who does not .
I am very pleased to have been nominated for this award having just completed my 1st year onboard an amazing superyacht this February.