Bradley Montague

Freelance chef - Sorry I Don't Know!

I first heard about Yachting on my 17th birthday while having the first Michelin meal of my life. I got talking to the chef, Alan Murchison, who had dabbled in the industry and had endless remarkable stories. Stories that planted a seed that no doubt guided my future.

It wasn’t until I finished my first winter season in Val D’Isere that I realised not only was it a progressive step I wanted to take but something my skill set was perfectly tuned to! I have always adored being guest facing and thrived in environments with personal interaction with those on the receiving end of my food. Seeing their reactions is what makes all the hours of work, running around markets, learning the basics of endless languages and tired feet worth while.

With six months in Japan working in fine dining restaurants and a background in both big hotels and private dining, my resume landed me a position on a 38m SY in the Med. Guests arrived and enjoyed themselves so much they didn’t leave all summer – Welcome to the yachting!

I now spend my time running between connections I’ve made, helping out on a freelance basis. I adore existing in the industry in this form as I am able to join a crew completely without any preconceptions or knowledge of what dramas may have occurred. I am a fresh face with a relentless desire to turn what ever falls at my feet into a positive environment and love doing so.

My time onboard all my different vessels has taught me so many lessons about my own cooking, myself as a person and adapting to surroundings. whether that be meal times changing every 5 minutes, numbers doubling just before serving or a lack of ingredients at the markets.

I have always admired the core work ethic of crew and so when the opportunity arises for them to be able to enjoy some special treatment – that’s my time to shine! I can see how much it is appreciated and know that it will be reflected in the service they will then go on to deliver. Therefore a few hours less sleep for something as simple as a luxurious breakfast spread, an array of canapes before crew dinner, or helping out on deck is the least I can do. We are a team and a family, looking after each other is number one.

At the end of the day it boils down to a function as old as time its self – The limitless pleasure of providing for those you care for.

Being woken up at 6am half way between Mallorca and Malta, sprinting to find a beautiful tuna yards away from the aft deck. Serving it to everyone in every form of sushi imaginable with the biggest grin on my face. That’s the memory this picture bring back to me. That’s the excitement of yachting.

Thank you

Bradley Montague-Fowley