Bruno Duarte


I started on cruiseships and superyachts when I was 21. First on the biggest of them all. Then I pursue super yachts pf seabourn as a purser.
I was promoted to purser after walking my way up from being a waiter on cruises.
After I built my career on super yachts as a purser I decided to go to smaller. When I was searching for a deckhand position I come up with the opportunity to be on Belowdeck. I accepted to be a greenie deckhand for a season. After I got the exterior experience I decided to continue my search as a purser on smaller yachts. I I did daywork and walk on docks and found a yacht where I became the chief stew/purser.
Since then Ive been building my career on the interior and apply all my skills of management. At the moment im onboard of Arados in lockdown working as a stew/purser.