Carli Steenkamp

I first started in the industry 5 years ago, eager and ready to learn as many new things as I could. My first position on board was as a seasonal sole stewardess. I didn’t have a guiding, but never let that stop me.  I came back the following season motivated  and ready to find a position where i was part of an interior team where we could all learn from one another. I count my self very lucky to have found just that. I have had the honor to have worked with very amazing stewardess, that have been full of great knowledge and insight and incredible leaders. I consider my self a very hard worker, a team player, always  up for the challenge and willing to go the extra mile. I enjoying helping out in all departments on board whether it be on deck or the engineering department. I particularly enjoy doing creative projects. And strive to make table decor, special guest celebrations, and crew birthdays and personalized and special and memorable occasions. I believe that one should lead by example, and in doing so you will earn the respect of your fellow crew members. I hope that when I become a chief stewardess that the girls I lead will see me the way I see those that have led me.
It’s such a pleasant surprise and honor to be nominated for this award.