Carole Catsuris

The Stewardess Corner

Hi, not sure where to start ….
Born in France I have started my work life at 19 years old working in luxury retail stores and after a wonderful experience working for the Hermes Group in Monaco, I came to realize that something was still missing in my life. At the time and because I was too young I did not know exactly what it was, but now, I am wiser and know I needed a life filled with more every day excitement and not tied to a daily routine.

One day and now it is 25 years ago I met the guy who had managed to open my eyes and changed the course of my life by inspiring me with his passion for the sea and his love of boats, he was a yacht captain already at the time, after few years he became my  husband & mentor since then we have traveled and worked in many countries together.
He had showed me that you can find a job that can combine all what I ever wanted: enjoyment, travel, new places, new people, new friends with different cultures. A life looking like a book with many chapters in it !
From now on I was full filled.
Before I knew it, I was busy working on boats, having fun, my lap top filled with photos, sunset from all over the world in my memories, 20 years of travel and 16 years of yachting were already behind me 🙂
I like to share with others and the new generation that is one of the many reasons I wanted to start the “The Stewardess Corner”
I would have never expected to be nominated for an award, I am very surprised and touched, generally I like to work in the shadow this is where I found my spot and happy place :)….but I am very honored and really appreciate the fact that some people have found a “mentorship” out of my work . Thank you to this/those persons