Chad De Wet

Green Yacht Crew Solutions

A little bit about me… I have over 10 years of experience onboard Luxury Super Yachts. I have worked my way up from Junior Deckhand through to Becoming a Captain. My career peaked when I became Chief Officer. I worked in this position for 2 years and learned an incredible amount of fundamental skills required to be a leader on board, but also in life! I then came home to South Africa because my mother needed my assistance. But, The truth is, I kept telling myself that because I didn’t want to admit that I was completely over the lifestyle that one has after living on board a yacht for 10 years. Amongst battling the uncertainty of my future my older brother, Jetty de Wet, gave me the idea to help others do what I do! At first, I didn’t think much of it you know, IMPOSTER SYNDROME hit me hard and I thought to myself no one would want to work with me because there are so many schools in the world that already do this. I then got offered a position to run a boat here in Cape Town. How wouldn’t you want to run a yacht in the V$A waterfront? After about two weeks it was made painfully clear that I was over it.

I submitted to the fact and thought long and hard about my next move but again I referred to the easy way out which was flying to the states and hopping on a boat there, but I said no! For once in my life, I am going to set a goal and finish it!

Since then I have been looking at yachting from a completely different angle!