Charlotte Durand

Big Fish
Growing up on the small island of Mallorca opened my eyes to a new exciting and extraordinary world where I could incorporate my passion for travel with my hospitality background. Since then I have traveled corners of  the world working on super yachts where I have had the opportunity to meet interesting, intelligent and strong individuals that have inspired me in so many ways. The beauty of yachting is each vessel is a completely different dynamic,which has developed me to be adaptable to new surrounding easily.This has taught  me to focus on crew morale.  I find there is so much more possibility of reaching full potential in a team when keeping crew morale high. Motivation, engagement and positivity are key elements to this. When you have a happy crew I feel everything falls into place after that. I take great pride  in making sure that everyone and everything is looked after above and beyond the expectations placed on me – and this, I believe, shows in my work ethic.  For example, working extra long shifts so that my fellow team mates can get adequate hours of rest.  I also pride myself in my attention to detail, with the expectation that I am being my own best example of how things should be done; from setting up cabins,to my attention to the smallest element of a table setting or ensuring that a guest’s tea is brewed to perfection,.  I am also known for creating random Easter Egg hunts for crew in my own down time, in the middle of a very busy season – just for the fun of it!
Happy sailing everyone and I am honored to be amongst all the nominees!