Chris Durham

Originally from Devon, UK, currently living in Bristol, I have been working within the industry for just over 14 years. My initial opportunity to work on yachts came when labouring with a yacht repair company at Whangerei shipyard whilst visiting family for a summer in NZ. After many hours of hard graft, sanding and prepping a large sailng yachts main mast I began to realise the crew on the sailing yacht seemed to be having alot more fun than i… and they got to travel the world! In the following months I decided to try and build my experience and sea miles on some smaller sailing vessels before heading back to the UK complete my STCW and search for a position on deck.

Over the years I have been fortunate to build my experience and develop my skills in a large range of environments and on a variety of vessels. Highlights include cruising to the Antarctic peninsula on a 20m SY through to a serving on a 67m Support vessel, navigating extensively throughout the Americas and Indian ocean.

My Paramedic and Security experience and qualifications obtained outside of the industry assist me in maintaining calm and level head when operating in high pressure environments.

Onboard I endeavour to create a positive blame-free culture, where all crew feel empowered and supported to reach their potential and goals.

It is a huge honour to be nominated for this award. 🙏