Karlien Le Roux

I’ve always been a Jack of all trades and a master of none. Constantly searching and working towards a passion, but I was never satisfied with where I was and what I was doing. In my online quest to get out of my situation, I somehow stumbled upon a YouTube video by Jared Watney, a previous Acrew award winner, on “How to become a Yachtie”. I did intense research on everything there is to know about starting a career in the industry and a month later I gave my notice at the fitness facility I managed and trained at for three years. I did my courses early in January 2020, pre-covid. A month later I was on my way to Antibes, France to start walking the docks. Unfortunately a few days after arriving in France, the pandemic hit. It was tough even getting day work. With a little help from my friends, I found daywork in Germany for two weeks and desperately accepted. Two weeks became two months. My Visa was about to expire, so back to France, I went to try and figure out my next step. While ordering coffee the next day, the Barista shared a captain’s number looking for a crew member. That was that. I accepted a deck/stew position on a private 30m with amazing owners and a crew that is more like family. Those who know me, know that I’m extremely passionate about working and pursuing a career on deck. I’ve decided to share my journey with others to help promote the industry and the job I fell in love with while trying to encourage diversity yachting and in my case woman on deck. Maybe just maybe I will become a Master at something after all. Possibly even a Master Unlimited.