Daryn Dalton

Born in South Africa and as a teenager my father and I built a sailboat together in the hopes of sailing around the world. We unfortunately had to put that dream on hold however it did instill a passion for being at sea. At 18 I joined another two sailors a 32’ sailboat from South Africa to the US hoping to find a job abroad as a deckie. I progressed up the MCA route before obtaining my US passport and then re starting my schooling again to obtain my USCG mariner credentials. More importantly than the tertiary education was the good fortune to work for and learn from some incredible Captains throughout my career. Over the course of almost 20 years I have taken small breaks from yachting to pursue other trades and interests but about 4 years ago I realized that being a Captain is what makes me whole. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to wake up everyday and do what I love.