David Phillips

As a boy, I was fortunate to be a member of a very active Sea Scout Group. From the age of 10 my life revolved around the water. I was blessed to have great teachers and mentors throughout my childhood who demonstrated excellence and inspired the pursuit of it.

My first days at sea were spent as a trainee on board the STA Tall Ship the Malcom Miller: a 3 masted topsail schooner. Huge sails and no winches meant that effort from every member of the 13 person watch was required to hoist the sails. The experience was incredibly rewarding and beautifully demonstrated the power of working cohesively as a team.

My journey in the super yacht industry started in Antibes. Following a summer spent day working, I was offered my first temporary employment as deckhand. The temporary job quickly turned into a permanent one which led to the start of a rewarding career in the industry.

It is a privilege to be a part of this exciting industry. I draw inspiration from many involved and strive to do my part to deliver the exceptional service that is demanded from yacht crew.

Thank you for the nomination. It is touching to be recognised for the hard work and dedication all crew consistently make in this industry.