DEEP Blue Soft

DEEP Blue Soft is the most comprehensive Yacht Management Software on the market today. To date, over 200 yachts, numerous international management companies and family offices have chosen DEEP Blue.

Through intuitive modules and a user-friendly interface, DEEP Blue covers every single corner of the increasingly complex yacht operations. Finance, Human Resources, Planned Maintenance, Inventory, ISM, Charter, Crew and Yacht Documents can be fully controlled with few clicks in a single platform. All modules have been designed and are continuously updated with feedback from many users. This input is our insurance that we can match the requirements of our clients and address yachting’s specific demands.

DEEP Blue facilitates the communication of administrative and technical information between the crew, management and family offices. It is effectively easing the workload for crew and managers and securing the communication flow between the yacht and the owner’s team. Crew can obtain approvals easily from Management/Owner Reps at a distance, follow Safety Procedures and maintain the Owner’s asset at its best value.

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