Dominique Tribelhorn

M/Y Limitless

Well, I am not a chief stew right now, I have been in my past. 4 years previously on my last motor yacht. 2.5 years on my current. (working as second) I got into yachting by chance. After I was retrenched from my corporate job and hadn’t been overseas as yet. I really wanted to travel and heard about the industry and applied to an Expedition style yacht that was going to Antarctica. Not thinking that that yacht would come to Cape Town, I managed to get in contact with the captain and had an interview,8 months after applying. I was told that there were no jobs available for the next season and would have to reapply. A few days later the agent called me to say that someone had pulled out and if I could manage to do all necessary requirements to join, then I had the job. As they say.. The rest is history!!! I have seen and experienced the most beautiful, unheard of places around the world.Sailed to vast areas around the Arctic  and Antarctica. Dived, Hiked jon untouched islands and help conservation projects.I really do feel that working within yachting has changed my outlook to life. The travel and adventure bug has defiantly hit me, so I do appreciate when I get the time to be adventurous. I think yachting teaches us, to be open,learn about oneself, cultures and interacting with various types of people. This is a dream job and I am very happy to be part of it.