Everything that we do, including our humanitarian work, is self-driven and a team effort. There is no one crew member or humanitarian project that defines us nor ends the journey, but rather it’s the ongoing complication of projects and teamwork that does. We don’t view ourselves to be deserving of any award. We simply do what we do because it’s needed and we have the resources to help.

Dorothea III is an expedition program averaging 20,000 miles/year cruising primarily remote regions of the world. We venture to where there are no docks, no facilities, and to where few boats have gone before. Both giving back and ingraining ourselves into these communities has become second nature to us, ranging from the big projects to the everyday acts that help even the slightest.

Over the past 18 years, all led by Captain John Crupi, Dorothea III has spearheaded and participated in a host of projects, with just a sample below:

  • Raising $25,000 for the kids of Brazil and Cape Verde in a pledge-based fishing event called The Marlin Mission. The project reached 1200 kids by providing eye glasses, school supplies, food, laptops and projectors, and funding a computer teacher
  • Providing water filtration systems for the communities in Vanuatu and the Lau Group in Fiji whose water source was either contaminated or destroyed
  • Delivering water and supplies to Sea Mercy in Fiji to be distributed to island regions post cyclone damage
  • Collecting clothing and school supplies for indigenous communities in Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica, as well as supplying sporting equipment and guidance counseling / teaching programs
  • Delivering supplies and relief aid to Turks and Caicos after Hurricane Irma

Captain Crupi is a proven leader in the industry and he and his crew are setting an example for others to follow. The D3 motto: “As yacht crew, we can make a difference in the lives and people of the places we visit.”

For more information on past and future humanitarian projects, visit our website: