Dray Robinson

First of all, I just want to say a huge thank you for the nomination! I am absolutely speechless as this is such an honour!

About me? Well…for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Chandré AKA Dray Robinson and my journey in yachting started 9 years ago in Palma, where I was about to be homeless before I landed my first yacht job! I am not exaggerating, I was literally walking out of the crew house with my big bag in tow, (with only 20EU in my pocket and getting ready to go find a bench for the night) when I was approached about an interview! Needless to say, I made sure that I rocked that interview…

I have had quite a few close calls like this in my life and I appreciate them because there is always so much to learn from these experiences!
During the next few years I paid close attention to what worked and what did not, especially during the times when I was looking for work. (Which has been really useful for my students today!)

The years that followed I was involved in various roles such as deckhand (Master 200t sail qualified), sole stew/cook, Stewardess, 2nd Stew…. but I gradually worked my way all the way up to being the Chief Stew on a Charter Yacht.

One day I stumbled upon a post where a person was asking a normal question in one of the big yachtie groups, but instead of just getting an honest reply, the people in this group took it upon themselves to take time out of their day, to tear this person apart on an emotional level…all just for asking a question!
This was not the first time I had seen this, so I decided to take action…and I created the “Start Yachting!” Facebook group. A truly safe space where newcomers to the industry, can ask questions freely without bullying or judgment.

We have grown quite a bit since 2020 and we take pride in the fact that we help newcomers to the industry by giving them accurate information in a kind and respectful manner, with the hopes that they will one day treat newcomers with the same level of integrity.

Yachting changed my life in so many ways..more than I ever dreamed possible…and my calling has become to help those who also want to make a change in their lives, by providing them with the information, guidance and honest advice needed to have a better understanding of how they too can can become yacht crew…

Come see what we are up to:
Website: www.howtostartyachting.com
Youtube: https://cutt.ly/ekwEDoe