Ed Uniacke

Silver Dream

Ed grew up in a small seaside village in Scotland so has always had the sea to his side.
After spending his early 20’s in Scotland managing busy city centre restaurants and 5* castle hotels he gave in to a desire to see more of the world and certainly warmer seas than those around Scotland.

He sold his car to pay for flights to France and although he originally planned on working on the interior he landed a job on deck and quickly fell in love with the work.
4 years later Ed is Bosun on board the busy charter yacht Silver Dream and is currently studying for his OOW 300gt Oral exam, he has enjoyed doing all of his modules and is always keen to pass on knowledge learned to his deck team.

Gutted at the moment due to current circumstances calling off most of the season as the favourite part of his year is a busy season, be it doing day to day duties, water sports with guests or even jumping in the galley to help the chef, using his hospitality background to assist the interior with service or even just telling jokes and spreading positivity to keep morale up. Ed’s found his place and is happiest at sea.