Gabrijela Lončar

M/Y Baron Trenck

My name is Gabrijela. I am 27 years old Croatian Chief Stewardess, Wellness therapist/Beautician and Bachelor of Art. I’ve been climbing volcanoes, basking on exotic beaches, diving into the deep blue ocean, sailing trough rough waves, snowboarding at the highest of the Alps, and dabbling in new cultures. My travel addiction got me into yachting industry 2014. I started in Croatia and worked on super yachts from Europe to South Korea, across the Middle East to Bermuda. Boat life teaches you a lot about yourself, you learn to improve yourself and most of all you learn to be patient. I’ve met so many extraordinary individuals across my yachting journey, most of them are my close friends now. I am nature enthusiast, risk taker and people lover, passionate about art. I am practicing being kind instead being right. I have finished my last season in Yachting this year. I found my love story on land and I decided to move in the French Alps 2018.