Georgie White

I am fortunate enough to live in the most south-westerly part of Cornwall, where you’re never far from the sea and bustling harbours, so it is unsurprising that my first spoken word was ‘boat’ – perhaps I was always destined to work in the marine industry!

Despite my early enthusiasm for ‘boats’, I came to the world of superyachts a little by chance and later than most, via a more traditional background in administration and finance, but once I arrived, I was smitten and loved the challenge. I studied for a Diploma in Superyacht Management and have since formed my own company which offers a comprehensive and responsive purser service to yacht captains, HODs, managers and crew.

I have a passion for self-improvement and thrive on being challenged. I hope, for the 10 years I have been doing this role, I have eased the day-to-day administration for all the crew and have shown myself to be a dedicated purser. I am committed to building relationships with crew members and via the ever-increasing technology, I am available and very much present on a daily basis.

As a shore-based purser I am required to deliver across different operational platforms, on multiple vessels, while ensuring flexibility, consistency, and continuous development. My responsibilities cover many aspects of the yacht’s operations, including crew administration, crew financial accounts, processing of invoices as well as working with the captains and fleet captain to produce and manage the yachts’ budgets to present to the financial directors.
I have extensive and detailed knowledge of travel, visas, and other requirements associated with international crew. The global pandemic created a number of uncertainties which brought travel planning to new heights. This did not distract me from my responsibilities of ensuring the health and well-being of the crew, while meeting the operational requirements of the vessel.

My company has grown from strength to strength, and I look forward to continued achievements and adventures with all the vessels I work with!