Lioness V

Georgina Lindsay


firstly thank you for the nomination! We decided on our crossing back to the Med from Sint Maarten we wanted to challenge ourselves and raise funds for a worthy cause. We decided to set the goal of cycling as many KMs as we would sail over the two and a half weeks. The target – 9755KMs. The crew voted on raising funds to aid with the Australian Bush Fires.

Here is a link below to our pennyappeal page:

‘We are raising funds for Australia because each day these fire rage on, and each day the lands are destroyed and lives are lost. 27 Human lives, over 500 MILLION animals and 16 million acres of land have been consumed in this unrelenting display of death and chaos. Something needs to be done so that we can protect the local environment and extinguish the raging infernos that are running loose and unchecked.

M/Y Lioness V and its crew are cycling across the Atlantic from St Maarten to Cyprus in order to raise funds to support the Australian firefighters as well as local organisations to fight this fire and to save as many lives (human and animal)’