Grant Hamilton

I started my superyacht career in 2014 after 13 years as a Flight Attendant with my countries national carrier. I had lived in the UK for nearly 4 years back in the 2000’s and had traveled extensively during that time and visited the South of France on a few occasions. It was on that first trip going to St Tropez that the seed was sown and the dream started. With encouragement from a an ex work colleague from a previous employment who’s husband had been a captain I had earlier decided to pursue the dream and career change back in 2009. As the world entered the GFC in 2008 I had a last minute change of heart taking redundancy and put my goal and ambition on hold. In 2013 with age still on my side I started to seriously considered what options where available for me to retrain and I returned my previous goals and desires to work on superyachts. After doing my research I par took in the courses and training required and left my role of a flight attendant and traveled to the South of France to start a journey that enriched and changed my life and took me onto the next stage of my life. After a few challenging years with seasonal work and learning the hard yards when you start in the industry I gained enough experience and confidence to pursue the industry to take on the role of 2nd Stew that would lead me to take the step to rise to becoming a Chief Steward on a 45m private motor yacht. I have enjoyed every moment the industry has taught and given me, at times its been a journey from good to great and bad to the ugly. I have stuck through it all have risen to any challenge that has come my way and after 7 years have no regrets what so ever joining an industry I still have the passion, drive and enthusiasm to pursue myself further with taking the next step in my goals and challenges the industry provides.