Heather Chase

Release Me

Being born and raised on the island of Hawaii I learned to swim before I could walk.
The ocean has always been an important part of my life, so when I found out about yachting it was a no brainer!
Hospitality is second nature to me. Taking care of people and making sure they are their happiest has always been an unassigned duty of mine.
(Becoming a Yoga teacher was just another way for me to do just THAT! Care for people, help them become their best self, and understand the power we all have to succeed.)
Yachting has been such a great life experience. I sometimes think back to my pre-yachting days and am so proud of the impact this career has had in my life.
I feel so honored to have been nominated for this award.
I always want to give back, bring up the junior crew and make sure everyone has a successful and marvelous experience in this industry. We already give up so much, I feel its only fair that we gain even more.