Heidi Smith

Born in Cape Town, South Africa with an adventurous spirit, I left home in 1996 to travel and see what the world had to offer. I moved to London where I worked as an Executive Assistant for over 10 years for Blue Chip companies. It was after working at a yacht delivery company for 3 years that I entered the yachting industry to join my husband in world-wide deliveries on 40-80ft. sailing yachts. Together we crossed the Atlantic, sailed over 45 000 nm’s and visited over 18 countries, experiencing many different cultures, foods, languages and meeting amazing people!
I love to entertain, cook and exercise in my downtime as well as just sit on my balcony of my wooden cabin in the hills of Shropshire, reading a book and taking in the scenery. I am a real people person and aim to please, am bubbly and very passionate about what I do! My enthusiastic and friendly personality will ensure guests feel welcome and cared for at all times.