Helene du Plessis

Haida 1929

Born and raised on a farm in the Karoo somewhere in the middle of South Africa, nature and animals has always been very close to my heart. Being from South Africa I experience how change is necessary to make a difference to nature and life all around you. I have been in hospitality all my life and for the last seven years yachting has been my career, and I love being part of this industry and seeing how it has evolved over the years. I have worked on all different kinds of yachts and sailed around the world. I have experienced first hand the impact our lifestyles has on the environment everywhere you go, it had sparked a passion in me to put in the extra effort to make that change and I have been fortunate enough to work with some great yachts and captains that share this passion. It isn’t always easy to change lifestyles and ways of doing things, but small steps leads to great success and it is amazing to see the amount of yachts thats following suit. Yachting and the ocean is so ingrained in what we do everyday that we have no choice but to minimise our footprints wherever we can.