Iuliia Iakovtseva


Hello, my name is Iuliia and I am a VIP Flight Attendant with over 8 years of experience in aviation. Yes, you heard right, I used to work in aviation but the passion for travel brought me to a private mega yacht last November. I started as a Service stew and a month later I was promoted to Chief Stewardess. My colleague nominated me saying that I deserve it, because I literally jumped into this role and managed to handle it in a short time a lot better than most than have been around for years. Such words are priceless and I am so grateful because it is pure motivation. I always loved to travel and work with people thats why I consider my job more a hobby than a real job. Sometimes I am too responsible and purposeful, but thats actually what always helps me to do my job well. Each cruise should remain in the guests memory for many years only as a pleasant, happy memories and this is my personal goal that I set for myself every time and confidently go to it. I want to add that aviation and the yachting business are very different, although it would seem to be similar. Aviators are romantics living as if tomorrow never comes. But being in the yachting environment, I realized how courageus, strong-willed and reliable people work here. And I’m glad that I became part of this team, although I never planned it.