Jennine Wilson

M/Y Mimtee

Although I grew up on the edge of the ocean, I had no idea about the world of super yachts until a friend mentioned it back in 2008. When I first arrived in Antibes I was in shock and awe, as I’m sure we all were! During my first season I worked 118 days in a row, and still had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I decided that I would give it three years, and here I am going on 12!

I’ve been a Chief Stewardess ever since that first season came to an end. I’ve been on everything from 37m to 110m, private, charter, Med, Caribbean, and I’ve loved it all. The biggest satisfaction I get from my job is watching and aiding in the growth (both personally and professionally) of the stewardesses that work under me. I take pride in being a mentor and love to watch their careers flourish.

The private sector is where I’ve found my fit, as my passion also lies in creating the best experiences and relationships with the owners and their family. Having worked for the same owners for over four years now, I love the dynamic, trust and relationship that has been built.

I’ve recently been part of a successful 80m new build project that was launched last year. Having watched the project go from being just a shell of a hull to welcoming the owners on board for the inaugural trip, it has been one of the most rewarding (and challenging) experiences of my career. Being so intimately involved meant having influence in ways to make the yacht more efficient and eco-friendly.

When not working, you can find me dragging my friends out for hikes up mountains, visiting with family back in Canada, going on outdoor adventures and trying to learn French!

Thank you to the fabulous team at YPI Crew for this kind nomination 🙂