Jenny Matthews & Natasha Ambrose

Driven by their love of the industry, Chief mate 3000GT’s Jenny and Natasha have been innovating platforms designed to see yachting at its best since 2018.
She of the Sea has long been championing diversity and inclusion with various initiatives involving all major industry stakeholders. Most recently they produced the industries first-ever diversity and inclusion report which was as shocking and as revealing as you may imagine. The team regularly host educational and interactive sessions within corporate yachting exploring diversity and inclusion for the likes of Rev Ocean, JMS, Simcorp and WISTA to name a few.
The LegaSea mentoring program, another industry first, is designed to cultivate the talent pipeline in all sectors of our industry and aims to create a circular knowledge economy while removing the luck of the draw from career progression, opportunity and fulfilment.
As a social enterprise non-profit- people are at the centre of every program, platform and initiative. Investing in the next generation, current innovators and the future of our industry!