Julie Dufresne

From a small inland and forestry town in Quebec, Canada, I always have been the adventurous and active one. Living closer to the ski hills than to any saltwater, I was Snowboarding by winter and wake surfing on the lake in the summer.

As a Child, I draw sailboat on everything that I could grass a pen and paper, even though I never saw a real one yet and always said out loud to everyone that could hear, that one day I would travel the world on a boat. Early on, I first got my pleasure craft permits in Canada (up to 100Gt), completed my RYA Day Skipper and currently slowly making the path to RYA Yachtmaster Ocean. Needless to mention how thrill I was when I was hired on my first yacht.

My work life ashore has been very eclectic; I worked in Construction and built multiple houses that were successfully flip on the market, became a Chartered Management Accountant (CMA) and worked in 2 international banks between Montreal and New York City to eventually become the VP-Finance for a mid-size company.

At 30 I fled away and took a 2 years sabbatical. A little bit like Eat, pray and love; I first started in southeast Asia to enjoy their culinary delight and some dive-aboard, subsequently, on my own Royal Enfield I crossed the Indian and Nepali’s Himalaya for a 15,000kms spiritual journey where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and finished my trip in Africa volunteering with pre-school children. It’s there that I met various crew member that acquainted me to the yachting industry. Inspired, I realized this was my new endeavour. “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela

I am thrilled to say that I have worked on both private and charter vessel as a purser where I continually flourish and thrive. The Purser role is for me truly gratifying and I enjoy the diversity and the challenge of the role because a purser is continually evolving, adapting and need to combine multiple skills all at once to provide an exceptional outcome in timely matters. Furthermore, It’s through the collaboration and the support of my fellow crew member that I emancipate fully and achieve greatness.

Thank you to my current & previous colleagues, partners, and friends, I am deeply appreciative and grateful by this nomination. To all the people that invested in me with their support and trust, I am forever thankful for the strong and lasting friendship formed throughout my career and I am sincerely looking forward to continuing on this beautiful path.