Kevin O’Conor

Kevin O’Conor is the founder and co-owner of Berth One International LLC, a dedicated megayacht facility located in Palm Beach, Florida. Opened in November 2017, Berth One offers dockage to luxury yachts up to 137 meters (450 feet) long with a maintained depth of 10 meters (33 feet) with no air draft or tidal restrictions. In just under two years, this first-class facility has grabbed the attention of the megayacht industry by hosting some of the largest and most prestigious yachts in the world. Whether it’s a quick bunker and provision stop, or a full in water refit, Kevin and his team always provide unmatched technical support and customer service. Prior to moving ashore, Kevin spent 15 years as a professional mariner in command of luxury sail and motor yachts. His career in the yachting industry includes world-class training programs, experience working on high profile yachts with worldwide cruising, along with extensive refit and project management experience. Although he spends every waking moment of his day dedicated to the new facility, Kevin continues to meet the sea time and continuing education required to renew his Masters Certificate of Competency. He achieves this by doing deliveries and some part-time freelance work when his schedule allows. Kevin and his team continue to improve Berth One’s facilities and consistently deliver the very best customer service.