Ed Blundell

Kjos was purchased by the current owner at the end off the 2017 season. Previously a private yacht the owner put the crew and management to task too bring her up to commercial level in order to charter for the 2018 summer season.
The 2018 season was a successful charter year based from her home port in Antibes Kjos undertook a number of charters up and down the French coast.
I joined in 2019, with an extended history of high end charter we obtained a Spanish Charter license and after starting the season with a great trip for the Monaco GP we moved to the Balearics for the remainder of the season.
Kjos provides a high end level of service for a vessel of her size, we aim to employ experienced and passionate crew that take pleasure and pride in providing guests with not only the vacation they expected but more than they could have thought possible.
The summer season this year, as for all of us is very up in the air. The vessel undertook a full paint job which has been halted by the COVID issues. The crews passion for the vessel and loyalty to the owner has seen them battle through the issue, using the time to really spit and polish the vessel ready for when we are able to cruise again. This year I have brought onboard a chef from my previous yacht. Food and entertaining is a huge part of the Kjos experience. The ability to bring a previous colleague that I have successfully chartered with to my new project and combine him with my current team gives me great hope for furthering the onboard experience.
The crew are currently champing at the bit to get out there and show the market what we can do.