Kristin Harmuth


I worked as a PA for a property developer in London for two years which then led me to study Accounting and Law at Stellenbosch University.
While studying I worked at Delaire Graff Wine Estate and as a Blackberry Brand Ambassador where my passion and knowledge for viticulture, silver service and customer service grew. I come from a family of avid sea enthusiasts and spent most of my weekends on the water enjoying a variety of water sports.
My love for the ocean; multi-tasking skills as a PA and understanding of customer service naturally led me to the role of a Stewardess.

I’m passionate about tailoring a guest trip so that there isn’t a single detail that feels 5* but generic – each group of guests need to feel that every detail was planned with them in mind. I enjoy focussing on tailored excursions, various different food pairings and themed nights and then the finer details that make a guest feel like they haven’t left any of their home comforts behind.

Im focussed on running a strong and happy interior team; working with each individuals strengths while training the whole team to be able to fill in for one another.

Im currently very interested in gender-based interaction within the industry and positive communication highlighting various shortfalls on the matter.