Laura and Cecilia

Luna Luxe Resort Wear
Laura and I met while working on M/Y Aquarius in 2017. After a busy charter season and endless cabin chats about life after yachting, we were sharing our business ideas.
We decided to take the leap and leaving the industry and found ourselves in Bali planning, designing and sourcing manufactures. From Bali we spent the next 4 months in India working closely with the artisans, developing a good relationship with our manufacturer and creating the online store. After our first successful campaign photoshoot we launched our online store in January and have been based in Palm Beach, Florida where we were held trunk shows, charity events and private viewings.
It has certainly been a journey and we are constantly growing and evolving. There has been tough days followed by rewarding ones but we are so happy we made the jump and had the courage to take the risk to launch our own luxurious fashion brand. We have many exciting plans to expand the brand in the future.

Laura, grew up in the UK and spent the majority of her career working in the fashion industry for the well known global retailer Arcadia Group and also working in luxury retail with brands including Chanel, Dior and Chopard. With her passion for travel and desire to experience different cultures it has lead her to travel the world to some of the most exotic and inspiring destinations working onboard Super Yachts, whilst managing the wardrobes of Royalty and celebrities alike. With Laura’s Portuguese/Indian heritage the brand has lovingly evolved using the finest Indian artisans.

Cecelia grew up on the coast of beautiful yet isolated Western Australia. Guided by a passion for travel and an adventurous lifestyle she has spent the last six years working as a flight attendant for the renowned Virgin Airlines and in most recent years traveling the world on luxury Super Yachts working for the world’s most exclusive guests. Exploring different cultures and traditions and wandering the vibrant markets filled Cecelia with endless inspiration and new ideas that is captivated in the Luna Luxe Resort Wear brand.